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Today's 100% Nude in Public

Regular monthly Awards at this Section:
US$ 1000, US$ 500, US$ 300, US$ 200, US$ 100
Current Special Themes at this Section:
*BB - Attend an entire pro basketball game nude (US$10,000)
*TS - Give a speech at the Town Square during lunch hour - nude of course (US$20,000)
*LA - Get every person in the Los Angeles phone book to autograph your naked body (US$15,000)

Fri 16 February

Thu 15 February

Wed 14 February

Tue 13 February

Mon 12 February

Sat 10 February

Fri 09 February

Thu 08 February

Wed 07 February

Tue 06 February

Mon 05 February

Sat 03 February

Fri 02 February

Thu 01 February

Wed 31 January

This is what a section requiring 100% nudity in the middle of a crowd of people will look like. Your blank wall is more useful for staring.

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