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Anal masturbation is a type of female masturbation where she involves her anus into the self-stimulation. Anal masturbation is an anal activity and is also called "ass masturbation" and "asshole masturbation]]. Like anal sex also anal masturbation has become more popular during the last years.

Anal masturbation is usually combined with the simultaneous stimulation of other erogenous body zones, like clit or pussy. The sole stimulation of anus alone is very rare due to the fact that only very few women (assuming less than 1%) can reach an orgasm by anal stimulation alone.


Common Anal Masturbation Methods

The most simple method is to self-stimulate her anus with a finger. Women also use slim vibrators or butt plugs. Only few women stroke the toy in and out. Most women prefer the vibrations of a non-moving vibrator or the filling feeling of a non-vibrating ass plug.

Documented Items Women use for Anal Masturbation

Inserting a vibrator into her anus.

Each of the following items used for masturbation are discussed in individual articles. Please add your own item if you do not find yourself below:

Items used to be inserted into her pussy during masturbation

(order based on how often documented at Voyeurcloud within the last 10 years)

  1. Hand/Fingers: See anal finger masturbation
  2. Vibrator in anus
  3. Dildos
  4. Candles
  5. Anal beads
  6. Butt plugs
  7. Rosebuds
  8. Hairbrush vibrator
  9. Bananas
  10. Cucumbers

Common Anal Masturbation Positions

Anal Masturbation Doggy Style

The most common position seems to be the WfI-style position. This position allows easy access to her anus as well to her pussy. This position is preferred, when a vibrator is inserted into her anus. A second vibrator is often used simultaneously on her pussy. Detailed information about anal masturbation in doggy position can be looked up under Female masturbation in doggy-position.

Anal Masturbation Doggy Style Photos

Lying Anal Masturbation

Is a very common anal masturbation position: She lies flat on her back and inserts a sex toy into her her anus or uses one of her fingers on her anus. This position usually required that she reaches around with one of her hands to reach her backdoor.

Lying Anal Masturbation Photos

Anal Masturbation Sideways

She lies sideways and has easy access to both her anus and her pussy. Like the WfI-style position, this position is preferred when a vibrator is inserted into her anus.

Sitting Anal Masturbation

She basically sits on a dildo shaped object. By applying more or less body weight she can control the depth of anal insertion. This position is often used during the first phase of anal masturbation when the object is entering her anus.

Standing Anal Masturbation

Can be seen in porns and requires a lot of self control. While standing, especially when standing on high heels, her anus naturally tightens up and any type of anal insertions might be painful.

Standing Anal Masturbation Photos

CUC using cucumber for standing anal masturbation

Trends in Anal Masturbation

VoyeurClouds' explicit section Explicit Photo Cloud receives many unstaged pictured anal sex photo contributions from its members. The following trends can be identified:

  • Popularity

Anal masturbation has become much more popular since 2003. Between 1998 and 2008 the number of photo contributions covering anal sex increased 8 times. This might be caused by the increasing popularity of anal sex.

  • Toys used

Women nowadays use dedicated well-designed toys for anal masturbation. Years ago anal-designed toys were made for gays only. These days a whole range of female oriented anal sex toys is available. Anal beads are out of fashion and have been replaced by butt plugs and slim anal vibrators.

Further Photos and Videos showing Anal Masturbation

Further photos and videos done by real people showing masturbation can be found on VCity under Anal Masturbation Photo and Video Blog

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