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The ass voyeur is specialized on ass voyeurism.

The ass voyeur is a voyeur specialized on ass voyeurism and trying to look at as well as photographing clothed, semi-clothed and nude asses. Some ass voyeurs are dedicated asscrack voyeurs but most of them simply go for candid ass photos. A special type of dedicated ass voyeurs hunts for white pants and white skirts which might turn see-through under certain light conditions.

Ass Voyeur Photos

Further Photos and Videos showing real ass voyeurism photos

Further photos and videos done by real voyeurs showing ass voyeurism can be found on VCity under Photo and Video posts tagged with Ass Voyeur

The ass voyeur is focused on the female ass in general. Read more under ass voyeurism.

Related Types of Candid Ass Photos

  • Thong voyeurism: Documenting thongs shining through fabric or visible above the waist line of her pants.
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