Bay To Breakers

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Bay To Breakers is a running erotic event held in San Francisco, California, USA, held the third Sunday of May. It attracts around 80,000 participants and perhaps 2 to 3 times as many spectators. This is an event for serious runners but has attracted many thousands of people who just want to have their day in the sun. Started out with lots of leatherwear, but some have preferred to just use their own hides for clothing. The large SanFran homosexual population participates in this event as do people from all walks of life.

Bare To Breakers is an offshoot to the annual Bay To Breakers event. Originating in the early days of the main event when public nudity was more problematic, participants have been taking their clothes off with no police interference since about 1993. The number of nude participants varies from year to year from around a handful to more than 20.

Photos of Bay to Bay Breakers

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