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A bikini oops is a voyeuristic situation caused by the malfunction of a bikini and is a standard and very common oops situation. Quite often the bikini oops is caused by a bikini slip: Both parts of a bikini are known to malfunction: Her bikini top might get lose and lead to nipple slips or nipple oops. Her bikini panty might turn lose and reveal her ass, which means performing an unintended ass oops. Furthermore the lower center part of her bikini bottom might slide to a side and expose her pussy to public, basically generating to a lip slip. Hundreds of bikini oops situations have been documented mainly by beach voyeurs as well as by bystanders. Depending on what type of bikini malfunction happened she might correct the situation within seconds or not notice the situation for a long time.

Another type of bikini oops are bikinis which turn see-through when wet without the knowledge of their wearers.

Of course all type of bikini oops situations are the subject of beach voyeurism.

Bikini Oops Photos

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