Bondage techniques

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Most of the bondage techniques explained and discussed here are standard bondage positions, which do not require any deeper knowledge of BDSM and can be easily performed by any couple. In general, bondage techniques can be divided into these main categories:
  • Bondage that pulls parts of the body together
  • Bondage that spreads parts of the body apart
  • Bondage that ties the body down to another object (such as chairs)
  • Bondage that suspends the body from another object
  • Bondage that restricts normal movement ( such as handcuffs)
  • Bondage that wraps the whole body or a part of it in plastic wrap
  • Bondage that provides a confined, inescapable space ( for example cages)
Sienna in a simple bondage


Simple bondage positions

A list of common bondage positions:

Advanced bondage positions

Bondage techniques

Individual body parts in bondage

Common bondage devices

Bondage devices are articles and tools used to tie her up:

  • Spreader bar: Ensures her legs are arms stay spread open.
  • Gag: Used to keep her mouth shut or open depending on the design
  • Leash: A rope or restraint
  • Blindfold: Making her unable to see what's going on
  • Handcuffs: Used to cuff her hands together or to keep them in place
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