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Candid upskirt describes an upskirt photo which was shot by pointing a camera under the skirt of a candid and unaware woman. Candid upskirts range from photos of candid women to highly specialized upskirt voyeurism. Usually candid upskirts are not photographed or videotaped by dedicated upskirters but as snapshots by "normal" people who noticed the upskirt situation and documented the view under her skirt. Typical candid upskirts are taken at

  • Parks of females wearing short skirts and seated on stairs
  • Playgrounds of young moms wearing short skirts and kneeling down or bending over
  • Parking lots when women bend over into their cars or especially the trunk of their cars

Of course the accidental male witness is supposed to look away instead of shooting pictures..but most males react instinctually by making photos and uploading to results to Voyeurcloud for your viewing pleasure.

Upskirts which were shot on models which were aware of the camera are called posed upskirt. Detailed article of all types of upskirts under upskirt.

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