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The clitoris (short name and slang term: "clit") is part of the female genitalia.

The clitoris (Greek κλειτορίς) is a female sexual organ. In humans, the visible knob-like portion is located near the anterior junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the vagina. Unlike the homologous male organ (the penis), the clitoris does not contain the distal portion of the urethra and functions solely to induce sexual pleasure.

Most of the clitoris is hidden by her pussy lips and protected by the clitoral hood, and external stimulation of the entire clitoris can result in a more profound sexual response. There is considerable variation among women with regard to how much of the clitoris protrudes from the hood and how much is covered by it, ranging from complete, covered invisibility to full, protruding visibility. Additionally, the size of the external clitoral shaft varies greatly; it may be smaller than a pencil eraser, or larger than a grape. In sexual context the most important role of her clit is not to take photos or to look at photos showing her clit but how to stimulate her clit. Clit stimulation is discussed under clitoral stimulation. The clit can be temporarily enlarged using a clit pump. The clit is part of her pussy.

ES: Clitoris.
Son la parte de los genitales de la mujer, como boton visible en la parte anterior y superior de los labios vaginales y cuya funcion es inducir al placer sexual.

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