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Cum tongue means that a male has ejaculated in a female's mouth right on her tongue. A cum tongue is generally produced by having a girl open her mouth and extend her tongue prior to ejaculation, at which point the male will ejaculate directly on the girl's tongue. The male will often then cock slap the girl's cum-covered tongue, receiving the ultimate ego massage and asserting maximum dominance. A highly explicit and thrilling sexual act, cum tongue is extremely enjoyable for a male, and for the lady, she has the knowledge and evidence of pleasuring her man. When she stretches her cum tongue out of her mouth, you will witness dripping cum.

Some males consider this sexual practice a marking of territory, believing that their cum traces can remain on a female's tongue for some months afterwards. Others believe that daily proper hygiene will remove all trace evidence, such as brushing ones teeth and/or using a mouth wash. Some males need to be reminded that prior to their dick in the female's mouth was likely another man's dick dropping a much bigger load. The female always denies it. However, future boyfriends have to deal with the occasionally agonizing knowledge of the female having previously received a cum tongue, particularly when kissing her, and if the boyfriend personally knows the male who has enjoyed the thrilling sexual act of splattering his girlfriend's tongue. Previous boyfriends often enjoy the sense of dominance and ownership brought about by the thought of their mark remaining as the current boyfriend kisses the female's once cum-covered tongue. If the previous boyfriend was dumped by the female, he may also have to deal with his own inferiority complexes as to why the girl is sucking on another man's cock and giving them pleasure; males in this situation are more likely to torment the current boyfriend by boasting about previously cumming all over his girlfriend's tongue, due to insecurity.

Judged from the photo contributions at Voyeurcloud, it can be said, that girls always have a very proud face expression when presenting their cum tongue to a camera. Cum tongues are very often used for cum photos.

(see also: creamed)

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