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DPP Game - How to enjoy perfect Double Pussy Penetration

DPP (see double pussy penetration) is one of the best gifts you can give to your wife where her sexual fulfillment is concerned.
WARNING - DPP is a really extreme sexual practice so NEVER go into this if your wife or SO isn't completely crazy for having a pair of horny cocks in her wet pussy! In this case, start with swinging or offer her to a friend, one at a time.


Horny Hotwife
Stallion or Cuckold Friend
Wide Pussy
Good Briefing

Horny Hotwife

The first, main, unique ingredient for a DPP is a horny hotwife. Even though any woman could be submitted with good results to a wild DPP, the best results are obtained when she is the wife of one of the two playing stallions. Try to imagine how spicy it could be fucking the wife of a good friend when he's inside her with you...!
But the very best result is obtained if the DPPed wife is the lady you're married to and you're the host!!

In my personal experience, the latter combination has been the winning one, for both the wife and I, so I'll write this tutorial assuming you're arranging a DPP for your wife.

Well, let me say a few words that depict the characteristics the perfect candidate wife for a DPP has to have...
First of all she has to be a sweet slut: for a woman who has to open her pussy for two huge dicks to fuck her, the main requisite is an extraordinary inclination to act as an amateur bitch. She has to love swinging, possibly being the only lady in the group, she has to feel comfortable when naked and when surrounded by naked men. She has to be strong enough to stand up to the other guy with open legs and well parted pussy lips. For sure you'll never want your wife to give up doing the great jump into the sexual dissolution when you are laying on your bed and the other guy is ready with his wonderful cock and starting to push against her pussy...
To avoid her possiblly changing her mind, you have to accurately verify she's ready for that; although no rules exist to prove you're wifes readiness for such an extreme, wonderful attitude, you can test her capabilities asking her to let another man finger her pussy in your presence. If she's positive for the thing, offer her to her partner in a fully lighted environment and ask him to spread her pussy hole with his finger while both of you are watching. If she happily allows you to explore her precious hole without any problem, she's suitable for DPP at 85%.
You are a little bit luckier if you have a wife used to generic MFM threesomes; if she is used to suck&fuck configurations (one man in her mouth, the other between her legs) she's ready at the 90% to DPP. If she has been submitted to double penetration (anus & pussy) at least once in her life, she will be quite absolutely ready for DPP; researchers say that in this case no less than 95% of women accept a DPP experience and 98% try it several times. If none of the preceding tests are successful, don't ask your wife such a terrible thing: you have a really little possibility of success, less than 15%!!! But statistics say that in a few cases wives become real DPP addicts for life...

Stallion or Cuckold Friend

The second absolute ingredient for the game is the second stallion for your wife's pussy!
Obviously there is no DPP without a second cock for the nasty wife but not all the cocks are the same... Ok, you're saying that this is quite stupid to assert, but among hundreds of possibilities, two main choices are possible when the right partner has to be selected:
- Cuckold Friend
- Stallion

If you choose a cuckold friend, you're wrong: this means you're not working for your wife. The woman being introduced to DPP will be, by definition of cuckolding, your friend's wife, not yours! And we're assuming that we're arranging the party for our own wives... Right?!
So the only choice you can make is to enlist a well endowed stallion!!!
Few requisites are important:
1. He has to worship your wife
2. He has to be provided with a big, hard & insatiable wonderful dick!
3. He has to be nasty and horny, possibly being a long lasting cummer
4. He has to have tried to fuck your wife at least once in his life, cheating you

Once the partner is selected, you can sleep with your mind at rest: essential ingredients are available and your success is guaranteed!!

It should be noted that it's a real turn on for the wife if you ask her to have sex with a friend she doesn't like very much: if she's a little bit hostile against her new partner, the earlier phases of the match can be much spicier as she will try to resist while he will be pushing his cock inside her pussy.

Wide Pussy

If what you're looking for is the real satisfaction for your wife, her pussy has to be able to accomodate two thick cocks at once. Obvious you can say, but many, many husbands don't have this topic in mind and what do you think will be the result...?

Well, If your wife is large enough for the purpose, you are ready for the great day.
If she is made for your cock only, you have to spend some time to train her...
How?! There are many ways to accomplish this wonderful and funny job, depending on your fantasy and perversion.
Frequently used tools belong to two main families: vegetables and objects.
Vegetables are my wife's preferred tools.
You can start trying the following vegs at once:
- Small Carrot
- Medium Zucchini
- Medium/Big Banana
- Medium/Big/XXL Cucumber

I suggest to put a condom on the fucking tool and lubricate it with your preferred ointment.
Then you have to put your wife in a comfortable situation and start with the training.
The perfect situation in many cases would be laying on your bed, watching an X-Rated movie with a soft drink and pop-corns; in this way your wife will be horny enough to add her own juice to lubricate herself.
In my experience, first times half an hour or one hour are the maximum time span for your wife to resist with an object inserted in her pussy.
After one week my wife was able to last about two hours without any problem.

Ok, if she's ready to accomodate a Big/XXL cucumber you can start with two object at once. A medium banana with a good carrot could be right as well as two big bananas.
Spend a week or two in this way and you'll have a perfect wife to offer for a DPP!!

The same procedure is applicable when rubber tools are used... Is up to you to decide!
And enjoy yourself!!

Good Briefing

A good briefing is the rule #1 when the success of the orgy is the absolute goal!
If you're crazy, if you don't care of your wife satisfaction, if you looking for an experience she will never ask you to give her anymore, go ahead like a fool, stolid rookie!
But if what you're looking for is the absolute perfection, you cannot leave out of consideration a detailed briefing.
There are no general rules on the way to drive this meeting but I can only suggest what I've learned with my experience...

  1. NEVER involve your wife in this phase: she deserves to live her DPP experience in the most romantic way. If she knows every detail of what you will give her, the surprise will be wasted!
  2. ALWAYS lead the briefing. Remember that you're putting your marriage at risk and you cannot leave another man decide your fate!! If the other guy is an imaginative lover, you can accept his suggestions but harmonising with your wishes.
  3. REMEBER that YOU are the leader, the dominant male. So, DO NOT allow the other guy to ask for a quick briefing: you are speaking of fucking YOUR wife and he shall fulfill every need you're having while arranging the orgy.
  4. ALWAYS REMEBER that you'll NEVER be alone: world is full of big cocks ready to fuck you wife. If the guy you're talking with doesn't seem to be the right one, another is looking for a couple like you just right now!!!

At the first briefing ever, don't be timorous to discuss and analyze every single detail for many many times; you have to be sure nothig is left to the destiny. And don't be surprise if two hours will fly away while you're speaking abouot the right way to cum all over your wife... You'll see, when the feeling with the other guy will be perfect, that a five minutes briefing would be enough!!!

So keep in mind: you guys have to talk, talk and talk!!

MFM Orgy Organization

Even though an MFM orgy strictly requires a hubby, his wife and a guest stallion, several spices could be added to give your experience an unbelievable taste.

Choose the partner

Here is the spice #1!!
"What are you saying?!" will you think for sure hearing my statement. You cannot believe that in your trio, with this wonderful angel your wife is and you being the leader of the gang, the best ingredient for the final flavor of your dinner will be the spare partner... Right?!
Well, you're wrong!!
How long have you been married with your wife? Two, five, ten years? Well try and guess to foresee who will leave the stronger taste in your wife mouth after the party, who will continue to fuck her in her dreams and give her pussy full of juice for months? No... not you!! YES, your guest stallion!!

That's the reason why you have to choose the very right partner for your lady

As usual, I say: there are no general rules. But later I write down a list of ALWAYS and NEVER...
Why should I behave in different way now?
So, few rules have to be stated...
It doesn't care if he is tall, short, black, red or brown. It is essential he has a big, Big, BIG wish: fuck the soul out of your wife. It doesn't matter if he has a big or short cock, if he likes feet, boobs or ass. If he's able to have several orgasms or last for 3 hours... He SHALL worship your wife as a goddess and yearn to squirt every drop of is cum on her body.
That's the one and only rule. The holy rule of DPP games.

When this topic is stated, you can use your fantasy to find out the secondary requirement for her partner: an ex-boyfriend of her, one of her colleagues or a perfect stranger... You have the complete freedom of choice!

Choose the location

The right location depends on your wife's temper: is she a romantic kind? Does she like comfortable restaurants with candles and violins? Maybe she will not at her ease if you arrange her first DPP experience in the barn of your country house or on the rear seat of your SUV!
But if she's wild and crazy, maybe she will prefer to have her party at your swingers club, surrounded by several other cocks to enjoy with some great blowjob while being DPPed...
Please try to match your wife dreams with yours in this case because even with perfect partners, a DPP experience could become a nightmare when the wrong location is selected... And try to guess, who will be responsible for such an horrible outcome of a possible perfect dream?

YES!! You're right!!!

Choose her clothes

Ok, this is not up to you!
The wife should work on her look and makeup to be as much seductive as possible for you and the other guy...


But you can help her to be more seductive and get an awful excitation with few little customization to her look.
If she wears panties under her skirt, take them off firmly saying her she will be more seductive to her lover when he'll find her with naked pussy and ass.
If she has huge neckline, take off her bra; she will be more seductive with her boobs ready to be sucked!
If she wears sexy shoes with naked feet, put toerings on her: tell her she will look like a real hotwife this way!!
And if she's a real bad girl, apply a hot buttplug on her asshole: she has to look like her ass is strictly prohibited that night!!!

Flowers for the Hotwife

Last but not least: a special gift for your wife.
Do you remember your first rendezvous? When you get engaged? Or when you asked her to get married? Or her first birthday together?
Well, for every important event in your life you had a gift for her; a gift to please her, to make the moment unforgettable, to be the symbol of what you did for her.
When you're arranging a threesome for her, the occasion is absolutely unique! And a gift is mandatory!!
The possibilities are many: you can give her two red roses, one for each cock she will take in her during your party. You can give her a hot gift such as a big, huge dildo to use during the early phases of your game with the new lover.

But a very special gift, the gift for which she will be definitely subdued to your will, even if you'll ask her to be fucked by her hateful boss or her more detestable school mate, would be an expensive jewel!
If you're rich enough to spend several thousands dollars for a diamond or a ruby on a ring of white gold, you will do the best investment of your life: she will never forget your first DPP party and she'll beg you to never stop arranging such a kind of an appointment anymore!
Is this the end? Do you think this is the best effort you can produce? My friend, you're a rookie!
There is something much more exciting for your wife when your aim is having her completely charmed by her stallions: arranging the gift with the other man you're going to offer your wife to, you can have a budget of twice or more your possibility.
If you're sure he will be her lover for long long time, you can ask him to participate with you to an absolutely special gift. One of my friends and the new lover for his wife bought her an extraordinary collier of diamonds and gave it to her while they were having sex; you can only imagine the explosive reaction of the lucky lady: two hard cocks and a collier at the same time are something a woman can difficultly tolerate without having several orgasms!!!!
And colliers are not the only choice: you can buy a bracelet for her ankle or her hand, a belly chain or a jewel for her navel.
But remember: such as diamonds are forever, wives pussies need to be filled forever so giving her a gift is absolutely not sufficient to fulfill her desires. You have always to look and find new opportunities for her to have the best sex and best partners day after day, always leading to the perfect love!

DPPing the Horny Wife

Wow!!! You have worked hard for days with the only aim to give your wife the opportunity to realize her secret dream! You're horny and excited by what's going to happen in your marriage.
And what's more, you discover you're terribly jealous at the only thinking another man could simply kiss your wife's mouth and someone is driving just right now to your home to meet you and give her an extraordinary night of hot sex... Suddenly you feel a cold panic assaulting you and one obsessive idea in your mind: call the guy and cancel the appointment.
You take the phone several times in your hands but you cannot do the call...
But watching your wife perfectly dressed for the rendezvous, her sultry body, her shyness and her look of horny hotwife, her naked feet and perfect breast, feeling the smell of her perfume, you convince yourself that this is what both of you really desire!!
While you're fighting against yourself, the other man knocks at your door.
You spend a fantastic night at the restaurant and you're finally in the suite of an exclusive hotel in the city centre
You and the other guy are surrounding your wife on a soft sofa and you start undressing her. She's finally naked in front of you guys and maybe you suck on her tits for some time to get her excited and horny. Maybe the other guy will like to lick her pussy to create the right atmosphere among you and your wife gives him a hot blowjob in return...
Well, one hour is gone and the moment is come to finally submit her to the Double Pussy Penetration you've dreamed for many many years...
You are ready but you cannot act without any strategy: this is the MOMENT and you cannot waste long months of hard work because your inexperience!
There are few topics to know about DPP but they are essential for a perfect DPP.

Always remember that only one of you guys can ride the wife completely free; the other has to lay on the bed under her body and he'll play the role of spare partner. That man will be you, dear hubby!

Please don't say I told you that you have to lead the game: this is always true, even if you'll lay down on the bed, allowing the other man to ride your wild horse wife... The fact is that she will feel with stronger pleasure the stranger's cock if he will be pushing and jumping over her instead of laying down unable to move. This is the real aim of the game: allowing her to have the sharpest and longer taste of being fucked by another man!!
Well, if you've understood this simple rule, you have two possibilities during her initiation:

  1. Having her facing you
  2. Having her facing her new lover

The Wife faces you

When your wife faces you, usually she's crouched on top of you, rumping you like an horse.
Her hands press your shoulders and her boobs sway just over your face.
You can see her face, her dancing tits, you can touch her mellons and maybe such on her nipples. You and only you are able to enjoy the passion burning in her eyes, breathing her breath of lust while she's fucked.
Absolutely fantastic you may say but this shouldn't be for you: you're not the guy predestined to enjoy this wonder!
Just try to see the scene from the guest's point of view... Ok, maybe your wife has the best ass in the world or her asshole is simply incredible. If he is a foot lover he can enjoy the soles of her naked feet, or the high heels of her sexy shoes...
But that's all!!
And what's worse is that if your wife is not completely at her ease, the penetration while you're already in her pussy, could be seriously difficult!!
Thus, I can judge this position as follows:

# You can touch and such your wife's tits while she's being fucked
# You can french-kiss your wife during her orgsm, savoring her saliva
# Your special guest has a complete view over her ass and anus, being able to lick them deliciously
# The other stallion can fuck your wife from her backside, something many women really adore
# Shy wives could have the sensation of your protection during the sexual act

# The guest stallion cannot push his tongue in your wife's mouth
# The guest stallion cannot look your wife in her eyes to enjoy her desperate lust
# The guest stallion cannot such on her boobs
# The guest stallion cannot sink his face between your wife's boobs
# The guest stallion cannot fuck her pussy in the perfect situation
# The guest stallion cannot enjoy her being crazy when the orgasm will destroy her dignity!

Then, my personal opinion about this position, when your wife face you, is not completely positive; satisfaction for the actors of the game is as follows, on a scale of 5 stars:

Wife : ***/****
Guest: ***
Hubby: *****
Overall Rate: 3 over 5

The Wife faces the stallion

When your wife faces the other guy, she lays on her back, on top of you being on the floor.
Her sweet asshole is skewed by your big cock and her legs are on the air, well spread to show her pink inside... Her feet are at the right level for the other man to suck.
And her pussy hole is completely open for the stranger's cock to come!
From this position your role is limited: you cannot move your cock in her ass, you cannot see her breast, you cannot see her eyes... In this position you can only open her ass wide... for the other man!!
But for the other man the show is divine!!!
When your trusty wifefucker is in front of your sweet lady, naked on his knees, the big cock well clenched in his hand, the sight is completely breathtaking: she lays defenseless in front of him, tied up by a solid bench in her ass, her wonderful legs are pulled up to show the precious pussy. Her well trimmed or completely shaved vagina has wet labia wide apart and a never seen gaping hole. Her belly is fretting with impatience and her soft boobs are there to be sucked!
But what will completely drive your friend crazy is your wife face: she will be a goddess with her eyes sparkling of lust and her shy smile of the prey facing her persecutor. She will keep her breath, staring at the big purple gland the man is pointing at her...
And while he's approaching his victim, he sees her incredible feet, with terrific red nails, and one only desire, lick her soles and suck her toes.
But that's not all!! When he finishes with her feet, her clit is still there crying to be eaten!
And after the pussy he has to honor her tits full of passion!!!
In brief, before start fucking your wife, your faithful bitchscrewer has had a complete tasting of the hors d'oeuvre de la maison!! Then, he will finally fuck that slut you call wife!!
While he'll be riding your spouse, you'll see his face revealing his passion and finally his orgasm, his tongue searching for hers, his lips sucking on her erected nipples. His hands squeezing her boobs, terribly distorting their perfect shape...
What's more, you'll feel the hit of his balls against yours while he'll be pushing hard in her slippering hole!!

Wow! Do you need another reason to let you guest fucking your wife this way?!
Well, you understand my friend...

Thus, I can judge this position as follows:

# You can masturbate your wife's clit while the other man will be pushing on your hand with his belly
# The wifefucker can touch and such your wife's tits while she's being fucked
# The wifefucker can french-kiss your wife during her orgasm, savoring her saliva
# The wifefucker has a complete view over her pussy, legs, belly, tits and face
# The wifefucker can fuck your wife while hanging over her boobs with his hands
# Shy wives could have the sensation of being fucked like prey without any help by your side...

# You won't enjoy your wife as the other man will do!

Then, my personal opinion about this position, with the wife facing her new lover, is absolutely positive; satisfaction for the actors of the game is as follows, on a scale of 5 stars:

Wife : *****
Guest: *****
Hubby: */**
Overall Rate: 5 over 5, the top!!!

Cumming the Hotwife

This is a major topic to cover when a DPP game is concerned.
When the wifefucker reaches its orgasm, it is essential to plan where he can squirt his cum in order not to hurt the wife's feelings! Thus, you shall agree in advance with your special guest on the right way to water the sweet little bride...
Sometimes, hubbys at their first DPP experience do not give this point the right consideration even though many couples experience demonstrated this is a big issue for wives to decide if it's worth repeating the DPP experience. Asa consequence they risk to transform a perfect orgy in a complete failure!
In order to help you decide, we analyze few possibilities among dozen possible choices...

  1. Cum on your bed's sheets: this is NEVER to be done!! Even a shy wife will interpret this as an indication of a lack of passion in the sexual act her lover just completed; she will be convinced she has been used as an object!
  2. Cum on her panties or bra: this could be acceptable if the other guy will tell her to keep her robe forever without washing in order to have his cum for her for the life! Many wives really like fetish conclusion of DPP...
  3. Cum over her feet. This is the preferred solution of few women having a little love for cum but also many fetish girls like to have feet creamed with freshly milked cum!
  4. Cum over her belly and tits. This is a must for the major part of women enjoying DPP on a regular basis! Seeing her lover taking off the squirting cock, being pointed against her, being hardly stroked by his sensual strong hand, spitting his cum in dirty tides thus spreading hot semen all over her body, is a sensation able to drive a horny lady to a powerful orgasm!! Many formerly shy wives beg their lover to never stop squirting cum for them to enjoy: a close friend told me his wife asked her new lover to continue milking his cock until he reached three orgasm before falling on her body with his cock dripping blood.
  5. Cum over her face. Before allowing another man cumming on your wife's face, you shall be sure not to ever change your mind. Being an extreme act for both you and your wife, letting another man dripping on her beloved eyes and cheeks would be enough even for really nasty couples! But if you're sperm addicted, I assure you this is a greatly turning on experience. By the way I'll suggest not to say "Hey, friend, jump out of her pussy and cum on my sweet wife's face!". Rather, while the bitch you married is being fucked like a cow, whisper at her ear if she'll like to receive a good facial from her bull at the end of his orgasm and continue asking until shell start begging him to do it. Then, join her telling the wifefucker to shot on her face and when he'll be ready to squirt, keep her face with both hands and offer her to his cock until he leaves his wonderful hosepipe without a single drop of juice anymore!
  6. Cum inside her ass. Do you want to give both to your wife and guest a terrific thrill of lust? Well, while is reaching the climax, cry him not to waste his cum but free your lady's asshole from your siege and offer the brown hole to him for release his load on it. And while is assfucking her, pull up her ass to offer the wet hole to the predator cock. And after the gunner has released his bombs, close quickly the bride ass with you cock and start fucking his cum in her ass, thelling your wife what you're doing for her to please! You'll see she will be yours forever!!!
  7. Cum inside her pussy. TBW
  8. Cum inside her mouth. TBW


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