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The Exhibitionist section is a contri section for Voyeurcloud exhibitionists. These contri are of a contributor exposing naughty bits of themselves in a place where those naughty bits are generally not seen and have some theoretical risk of being seen by the public.

History: Nude in Public (NIP) required nearly full nudity in the mist of the public. Voyeurcloud threw out that strict requirement and replaced it with a more general requirement for showing yourself in places where any degree of exposure is not normally observed, and VC renamed the section Exposed in Public.

Voyeurcloud determines the section where a contri will be posted - not the contributor. If Voyeurcloud elects to show a contri in the EiP section it is because Voyeurcloud wants to show it there. Voyeurcloud no longer requires "the public" to be present for an EiP contri; however, the location will be "public."

Whether flashing for just the camera or giving a crowd a good long look, the EiP section includes all in public showings.

See also Making Friends while EiP

Sometimes when someone is EIP, there are authorities who take exception.

There exists the possibility that someone that is EiP could end up in the WIS section.

Voyeurcloud Exhibitionist Section

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