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Fantasy Fest is an erotic event held every year in Key West, Florida in October. The celebration is a week long event, with parades, parties, topless women and nudity (or very close) throughout the streets. It was traditionally an event targeting bisexuals, lesbians and gays. More recent years has seen it evolve into a festival that encompasses exhibitionists and heterosexual couples as well.

Every year after Fantasy Fest, there are many FF contris posted in the WIS or EIP sections of VC. Funbags, the VC Archive, contains over 600 contri taken at Fantasy Fest. The contris capture people playing, having fun, flashing, body painting and "other activities". Often you will see a Contributor posted in candid shots in the WiS section. If you make it down there, perhaps you'll see someone you recognize!

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The dates for the past Fantasy Fests:

2007 October 19 – 28
2008 October 17 – 26
2009 October 23 - November 1
2010 October 22 - 31
2011 October 21 - 30
2012 October 19 - 28
2013 October 18 - 27
2014 October 17 - 26

Fantasy Fest

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