Female masturbation in standing position

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Female masturbation in standing position is a female masturbation body position.

This position is used by women somewhat less commonly than others. Some of the problems include access to the vagina (for those interested in simultaneous penetration), comfort, and practicality. Standing is most often used by those women interested in clitoral stimulation only and preferring so called clit masturbation. Another reason for masturbating while standing might be a spontaneous wish to masturbate while there is no other option than to do it standing. Another reason might be to simulate the standard standing fuck position. The most common locattions for masturbation in the standing position for her are:

  • Shower Cabins: The shower cabin is used for shower masturbation, e.g. water masturbation Use of a removeable showerhead to direct a steady stream of water onto the clitoris makes this postion very practical while in the shower.
  • In Front of a sex mirror: Sometimes done to watch her own facial expression before and during orgasm.

Many women experience a weakening of the legs when approaching orgasm or during orgasm. Such weakness and loss of muscle control can make it difficult for her to remain standing throughout her orgasm and resolution phase. Most women can, with practice, learn to manage the shakiness and lack of strength that typically comes with approaching orgasm as well as to lean against walls for additional support. Standing masturbation can be performed with the use of sex toys.

Some women have reported that standing orgasms are actually more intense than some other positions, but this is highly subjective.

Photos of Girl Masturbating Standing

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