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A glory hole is a hole in the wall the following sexual purpose: On one side of the wall you have a male sticking his penis through the hole while on the other side of the wall you assume it's a woman who is to play with the penis. Glory holes can be found in public lavatories as well as in video cabins of sex stores and are used for anonymous sexual activities there. Within the last years, glory holes have also become common during wild parties. Both persons involved not knowing who is on the other side of the wall adds extra stimulation to many. The sexual activity delivered at glory holes are usually handjobs as well as blowjobs.

Alternate setups include closed cabins which have holes on all four walls. The girl sits inside the cabin while four men stick their penises into the cabin while the girl has to figure which one is her partner. It is highly recommended to wear a condom when sticking your cock through the hole in the wall!

Glory Hole Photo

Blowjob through a glory hole
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