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How often women masturbate and how they masturbate was asked in a huge Voyeurcloud survey asking european and australian female members for their data. It is planned to update the results in 2012 with data from USA and Canada. Following results were interpolated from around 11,000 more or less fully completed online questionnaires about female masturbation:


About the Survey

The survey was accessible for selected Voyeurcloud members only. Based on the results below, a much more complex and interactive masturbation survey is being coded and will be made available to all Voyeurcloud members in 2012.

Masturbation Frequency

The average women masturbates 5 times a month. However this is just the "average woman" and does not say a lot. The more precise answer:

  • 7% of women masturbate 4 times or more often per week
  • 8% of women masturbate between 4 and 2 times per week
  • 40% of women masturbate between 8 and 5 times per month
  • 32% of women masturbate between 5 and 3 times per month
  • 5% of women masturbate between 3 and 1 times per month
  • 8% masturbate less than that.

Further points

  • Women at an age between 18 and 30 masturbate 40% more than women between an age of 30 and 40. Women over 40 masturbate10% more often than women between the age of 30 and 40.
  • Pregnant women masturbate 2.9 times more often
  • There is no real significant difference between single women and women in a relationship. Single women masturbate 11% more often than married women.

When do women masturbate

  • 41% masturbate at night only
  • 14% masturbate at daytime only
  • The remaining 46% do not have any specific time

Where do women masturbate

The following masturbation locations were named:

  • 79% of women masturbate only in bed (see: Masturbation in bed)
  • 93% of women masturbate in bed, but not exclusively there
  • 23% of women masturbate only in restrooms (see: Restroom masturbation)
  • 61% of women masturbate in the restroom, but not exclusively there
  • 39% of women masturbate while taking a shower or bath, but not exclusively (see: Shower masturbation and Masturbation in hot tub)
  • 21% of women masturbate once in a while in front of TV (see Masturbating in front of TV)
  • 26% of women masturbate once in a while in front of a Computer (see Masturbating in front of computer)
  • 6% of women masturbated at least once in their lifetime in a car. However 28% of these do it more or less frequently (more than 8 times a year). (see car masturbation)
  • 97% of women masturbated at least once in their lifetime while staying at a hotel see hotel masturbation)
  • 23% of working women masturbated at least once in their lifetime at their work place. 18% of these 23% do it frequently (more than 8 times a year).

Women and Sex Toys

  • 26% of single women own at least on sex toy
  • 85% of married women (or long term relationship) own at least one sex toy
  • The toy is used in 1 out of 3 times while masturbating.
  • 83% prefer sex toys for clitoral stimulation (see clit masturbation)

Out of the women who own at least one sex toy:

  • 81% of the sex toys were bought by a male
  • 92% of the sex toys were ordered online

Sex Toys and Health

  • 18% of sex toy users sterilize or at least wash their sex toys after usage. 60% do not and the remaining did not answer this question
  • 24% care about the chemical ingredients of their sex toys, the other 48% does not and the remaining did not answer this question
  • 76% care about the noise level of their (motorized) sex toys

Women and Masturbation Phantasies

The survey allowed multiple ranked answers, which means the total percentage of the answers below is not 100% but more due to multiple answers to one question:

  • 94% of women phantasize during masturbation
  • 31% phantasize about sex with their husband/partner
  • 35% phantasize about sex with some man they know but not the partner
  • 21% phantasize about sex with celebrity, star or other famous man
  • 18% phantasize about threesomes
  • 14% phantasize about lesbian sex
  • 31% phantasize more about a specific situation than a person
  • 11% phantasize about being dominated
  • 13% phantasize about interracial sex
  • 18% phantasize about typical and common romantic situations
  • 4% phantasize about being forced to sex
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