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Legs attach the torso to the feet. They are very useful for walking, running or wrapping around your partner during sex. They are also sources of sexual attraction. In order to enhance the sexual perception of her legs, the owner can chose from a variety of decoration to turn her legs into eyecatchers: skirts, high heels and stockings or pantyhose. Legs can be short or long based on their length and legs can be slim or fat based on their diameter. In general it can be said, that most men are attracted by long legs rather than by short legs and by slim legs rather than by fat legs. Additionally the positioning of the legs has an effect on the sexual attraction e.g. spread legs or spread eagle. Sexy legs are discussed under Sexy legs. Girls who are able to bend or spread their legs beyond normal standards are called flexible girls. Another golden rule for legs: The longer her legs are and the shorter her skirt, the more often she will subject to upskirts.

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