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Masturbation in hot tub is a sexy photo pose as well as a common female masturbation technique and a subtype of the pose called girl in bath tub. You can either stage her masturbating or surprise her by suddenly entering the bathroom with a camera in your hand after she watched two porns. Beside the photo purpose of masturbating in the bath tub, the hot tub is the third most prominent location for masturbation right after her bed and the toilet. The reason is obvious: She can simply lock the door of the bathroom without anyone suspecting anything and as well is nude and relaxed. The type of masturbation performed in the hot tub is usually Female masturbation lying on back. If you ask yourself, why so many vibrators come as "waterproof", you might know understand the reason. Besides using sex toys she might also head for water masturbation. If the masturbation is performed while taking a shower it is called shower masturbation. According to Voyeurcloud survey the "average woman" masturbates in a hot tub three times a year while in complete privacy mostly while taking a bath in the afternoon.

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