Masturbation while driving

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Masturbation while driving a car means to masturbate while being the driver of a car and is a type of mobile masturbation. This type of masturbation usually is a form of hidden masturbation and not public masturbation although it happens on public roads. Masturbation while driving a car usually is a spontaneous procedure and mostly occurs during long drives on highways as well as in traffic jams. Due to the reason that the car has obviously to be operated in parallel, she masturbates with one hand, usually her right hand, stimulating directly her clit or pussy. Access is gained by pulling up skirts or pulling down pants. She might pull down her panty or (if wearing a skirt) undress her panty. If she masturbates in a car but is not operating the car, it is called car masturbation. Usage of vibrators is rare and has only be documented on Voyeurcloud a few times, mostly codrivers are known to use sex toys.

If you would like to know whether your wife or girlfriend secretly masturbates while driving her car, it is easy to find out: Memorize the position of her hands on the steering wheel. Whenever you suspect her to have been sexually aroused while being away, get access to her car and put your nose close to where she usually puts her hand on the steering wheel. If it smells like pussy you can be sure that she did it: Small amounts of her pussy juice have be transferred through her hand from her pussy to the steering wheel while driving and the pussy smell will be noticeable for at least 10 hours.

Pics of Masturbation while Driving

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