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A little about Nikki ;)~

Igor: Consummate favorite since her premier appearance, she continues to embody the essence of a lady which all others are measured against. Her long brown hair, soft brown eyes that can swallow you whole when she wants them to, and her tan, voluptuous body have been seducing viewers for more than seven years now. In her contributions, she is the image of sweetness and sexiness personified. Although it doesn't seem possible, everyone who meets her in person comes away saying she is even sweeter and sexier than she appears in the photographs she and hubby, Jme contribute.

Woohoo!!! Ten Years!!! July 1999 - 2009

Nikki ;)~

Age: 38

Height: 5 ft. 6in.

Bust: 36D

Brown Hair and Eyes

Location: So. Cal, USA

Hi guys! I'm Nikki ;)~

Want to learn a little about me and my little adventure here on the Web and and? LOL, are you in for it!

I'm a married 37 yo mom (my daughter starts college in 2007, YIKES!) from So Cal who's always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak. Early on my high school sweetheart and husband embraced and encouraged this side of me, and a monster was born, hehe! A few years ago, ok more like 10, that's what let Jme talk me into sending a set of ten pictures into a photo contest on this crazy new website he'd found. It was all viewer submitted amateur nude pictures and there were themed contests you could enter each month. So I swallowed my fears and submitted my first pictures to Voyeurweb in July of '99. They didn't do so hot in the contest, but the viewer comments and support were amazing and I was hooked. I still am.

In all those years I've had some amazing adventures, participated in many VC projects, and made many real life friends with the crew, other contributors, and viewers I've met along the way. All of which has made for a whole pile of sexy pictures I've shared here in my 100+ contris, videos, and bulletin board posts.

I even did an interview project with Igor, when they were trying to encourage viewers to get to know some of the contributors more. Igor's interview with Nikki ;)~

All in all I've had a blast here, and have no plans to stop any time soon! So if you're interested, check me out here on my wiki, and in my contris, and then come find me to say hi on the boards! (old invite)

Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

Friends Comments

  1. The original Poster Girl. Instantly recognizable with boobs you can only imagine resting your head on (did I say that outloud?) ----Cam 10:01, 4 February 2007 (EST)
  1. The reason I visit, and the reason I return. --FAQ 22:04, 21 February 2007 (EST)
  1. Nikki was sent here to show the people of earth what the definition of beauty really is...Aughie 11:30, 4 July 2007 (CST)
  1. She shows the younger girls what sexy really is! ----theman 09:30, 11 October 2007 (PST)


Voyeurweb was my original home on the internet and where I got it all started for me. Back then it was a lot different than it is today. There were no sections to divide up pictures when I started. You r pictures just posted on one page with a text link, and we all shared a single bulletin board for feedback, no matter how many of us posted that month! It was wild. Even submitting pictures was crazy back then. I waited almost 5 weeks for my first pictures to post!

My first pics "Tanning Oil" were for one of Igor's themed contests and I didn't do anything more than flash in any of the ten pictures. When they posted I spent hours reading my comments before they scrolled off the board. LOL I was hooked instantly and my second contri was the very next month.

Now with all the things that have happened around here I'm no longer eligible to win money in contests, but I'm still around and contributing pictures and playing on the BBs. If you see me around stop and say hi!


Did I mention I was shy when I started all of this? LOL, you don't believe me? It's true. It took almost a year of posting before I sent in my first explicit pictures to RedClouds, and even then they were only the few "hard" (yeah right!) pictures missing from my VC contris that had been dropped by the VC censors. But soon I went a little more wild and was posting with girlfriends and some of the sexiest contributors to ever grace these pages. ;)~ I've since gotten over my shy side in a big way and you can almost always find me proving it on the RCBBs. I haven't quite fulfilled my bukkake fantasy yet... but you never know! ;)~

FRC / ProAdult

Probably the largest VC project I've been involved in was the "Fans of RedClouds" sites.

Eight years ago there was no myspace or photobucket and many of us contributors wanted our own place to archive our past contris, and to post extra stuff without flooding VC and RC. (It took 4-6 WEEKS to get your pictures posted and still some contributors posted several contris a day... it was a nightmare!) So Igor set up a system where we could build websites as part of the Voyuerweb/RedClouds umbrella. Early the idea made many changes and after a few months a VC designed and supported Adult Verification Service was born. ProAdult offered VC contributors a place to host their sites, make some money from their hobby, and help support the free sections of Voyeurweb.

Of course as soon as money came into posting in any way there was controversy which soon had the same contributors segregated from the contests for participating in this project and suddenly being unfair competition. So the GwS and RCR sections were born to alleviate this crisis and for years that's where you'd find me prancing around naked. But this only quieted the whiners for a short time as it gave more and more professional webmasters access to Voyeurweb as a traffic source instead of remaining about amateurs. In the last couple of years it has become so poisoned that recently (5/2008) our sections and the relationship between ProAdult and VC has ended suddenly without warning and leaving lots of hurt feelings and very little information to those involved even if our relationship went back years and years.

ProAdult's future remains in doubt... but either way I've moved on.

The End

And now it seems, Nikki ;)~ has ended her long and beautiful career running naked on her Little Corner of the Internet.

Nikki's Pics

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