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Nipple clamps are sex toys that are designed to squeeze one nipple or both nipples of the wearer. Nipple clamps are a tool for nipple stimulation. Nipple clamps are available in many variations, from exotic steel clamps to wooden clothespins. The effect varies: It could be squeezing a nipple or applying weight to her nippes. Additionally there are vibrating nipple clamps. The nipple clamps are normally applied when the nipples are erect and the subject aroused. The sensation of a clamped nipple is very enjoyable for some people. The wearer should be prepared for some mild pain when the clamp is removed. The pain is directly proportionate to the duration of the clamping and the amount of pressure applied. Two nipple clamps linked with a chain is known as a nipple chain. The effect of dedicated nipple clamps can be easily tested with Nipple clothespins. Nipple clamps are also used for nipple torture.

Photos of ladies wearing nipple clamps

Further Photos and Videos showing women with nipple clamps

Hundreds of photos and videos done by amateurs showing women with nipple clamps can be found on VCity under VCity's Photo and Video posts tagged with Nipple Clamps

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