Nipple licking

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Nipple licking: A type of oral nipple stimulation. Stimulating the nipple and areola with a tongue. Some women, not all of them(!!), have very sensitive nipples. Having their nipples touched by a wet tongue will cause erected nipples, major sensations, and in some rare cases even orgasm. Nipple licking will always lead to erected nipples within less than 10 seconds. Based on the representations below, it seems that ladies that can lick their own nipples prefer their left breast. If nipple licking is performed by the owner of the nipple, nipple licking requires a breast size larger than B. Other than that of course nipple licking can also be performed by another person. Nipple licking is done by moving the tongue up and down her nipple as well as running the tongue in circles around her nipple. Licking both of her nipple at the same time is said to give girls double pleasure. Of course this requires a 3rd person to lick her other nipple or the girl can lick one of her nipples herself while her partner licks her other nipple.

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Photos of Nipple Licking

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