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Nipple orgasm or also called breast orgasm is a female orgasm, which is triggered at the peak of her sensation by nipple stimulation. A nipple orgasm does not require that the entire stimulation starting from level zero and ending into a nipple orgasm focused on her nipples only. It only says that during the moment that the she reaches an orgasm, the final climax is triggered by nipple stimulation only. Clit and pussy stimulation can have happened before that. In most cases a nipple orgasm is reached by masturbation but could of course also be caused by partner sex, if he focuses on her nipples only during her last stage of excitement. If she tries to reach a nipple orgasm by touching only her tits throughout the entire process, it is called nipple masturbation. Not every women is able to reach nipple orgasm. It is assumed that roundabout 30% of women have reached a nipple orgasm.

Typically when going for a nipple orgasm via masturbation, the girl increases the stimulation on her nipples over the time, if feasible accompanied by sucking on her own nipples or selflicking. Occasional extra stimulation of her clit might be also included. During the last stage, she will typically prefer nipple tweaking.

When going for a nipple orgasm triggered by her partner, she typically prefers soft nipple stimulation by her partner during the initial stages and oral suction accompanied by tongue strokes during her last phase.

Nipple orgasms have been described by girls as both more intensive and less intensive as pussy orgasms. The felt level of the climax seems to be very individual. In order to prevent nipple orgasms on her own, so-called chastity bras are used to lock away her nipples from access.

Jenny D on her way to a nipple orgasm
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