Pussy stimulation

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Pussy stimulation is any active activity that leads to sexual arousal or orgasm involving her pussy. Pussy stimulation may consist of one or both of the following two types of stimulation:

In most cases clitoral and vaginal stimulation come together: When a man fucks a woman, his body touches her clit and his penis enters her pussy. Isolated stimulation of either clit or vagina is also possible. For example he might suck on her clit or he might finger fuck her. Also female masturbation in most cases involves pussy stimulation.

While his penis was made for vaginal stimulation only additional clitoral stimulation can be applied by choosing the right sex position or by using his fingers.

Most women are focused on either of the two methods. Only 10% of women feel the same degree of stimulation with both types of pussy stimulation. Almost all female sex toys are made for pussy stimulation. In order to prohibit pussy stimulation a chastity belt is used to block access to her pussy.

The Roger Rabit toy combines vaginal and clitoral stimulation
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