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See through bikinis are female swimwear, mainly bikinis, which are always transparent or only turn transparent when wet. The degree of transparency goes from clear transparency to blurred transparency and depends on the type of fabric used. Following types of fabric are common for see through bikini:

  • Mesh: A woven fabric which has many patterned holes in it. Bikini made of mesh are always see-through and show no difference in transparency in a wet or dry state.
  • Thin nylon fabric: Nylon is more tricky and usually gets more transparent when wet and when clinging to her skin. Some nylon bikinis are obvious transparent, some others might turn transparent without her being aware of it. The lighter the color of the fabric is, the more transparent it turns.

In both cases the bikini of course needs to be made of one single layer of fabric. In some cases, there is a 2nd layer of fabric right in front of her pussy in order to keep this region private when in a wet state. See through bikinis, especially if transparent without the knowledge of the woman wearing the bikini, are a type of bikini peek. See through bikini allow you to see mainly her nipples and sometimes also her pubic hair and/or pussy through the see-through fabric. Transparent bikinis are subject to beach voyeurism. Titties views through fabric are called see through tits and of course there is see through pussy as well! If her bikini turned see-through without her knowledge you are witnessing a bikini oops.


Photos of See Through Bikinis

Transparent Mesh Bikinis

Dry See Through Bikinis

These bikini are also transparent when dry

Wet See through Bikinis

These bikini are only transparent when wet

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