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Sex balls are a sex toy. Other names for sex balls are "Ben Wa Balls" or simply "pussy balls" or "ass balls". Sex balls are usually two or more small balls made out of metal or plastic linked together by a string or chain. The balls are hallow and contain a small weight which rolls around with every movement of the user. Sex balls are inserted into the pussy or anus and supposed to sexually stimulate the woman wearing the sex balls. However most woman report that the usage of sex balls does generate little to no sensations. Sex balls vary in dimensions, weight and number of balls. Smaller balls are used for anal insertion and are called anal beads. Huger balls are used for vaginal insertion.

How women use sex balls

  • Some women insert the sex balls into their vagina before going out and leave them inside for hours. It is said that this leads to a very wet pussy
  • Some women insert the sex balls for masturbation purposes
  • Some women leave the sex balls insider during sexual intercourse

Illustrations of different sex ball models:

Photos of Sex Balls

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