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Soft bondage is a type of bondage which does not require deep knowledge of bondage techniques and is performed by "normal" couples to add some spice to their "normal" sex life. Soft bondage restricts normal movement of some body parts of the tied person, like for example her hands, feet or legs. Additionally soft bondage can include to blindfold the tied person. The typical "bondage amateur" techniques are based on:


Softbondage Variations

Spreading apart parts of the body

Spreading apart parts of her body usually applies to her arms or legs or both of them. Spreading her arms allows open access to her sensitive breast area, while spreading her legs gives unrestricted access to her pussy and maybe to her anus. The main goal of spreading apart her legs and/or arms is unrestricted access to her sensitive zones. The options are endless and can vary from teasing her legs, tickling her armpits to nipple stimulation and clit stimulation. Sex toys can be applied as additional tease. Last not least her spread legs while allow him to easily fuck her. The most simple method performed almost by any couple at some time is the tied to bed bondage method. This type of soft bondage is also used for toyed bondage.

Pulling parts of her body together

Pulling together is a different approach to bondage. The goal is not to gain unrestricted access to her sensitive areas but to block movements of her arms and mainly legs: The female legs react to sexual stimulation and at a certain level of being aroused, most females wish to spread and to stretch their legs. Blocking the ability to spread and stretch her legs, might extend the duration until she reaches her orgasm while at the same time intensify her feelings. The most common way to pull together her legs is to tie her lower legs to her thighs, not allowing her legs to stretch. Another option is to tie both of her legs together by putting ropes around her thighs, knees and feet.

Tieing the body to another object

The most common things that girls are tied to are beds and chairs. The bed is mostly used for spreading her arms and legs apart or pulling them together, while a chair is mostly used for other sexual games, like asking her to perform Blindfolded Blowjob(s). See also: Tied to a chair.

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