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A standing upskirt means that a voyeur was able to point his camera under the skirt of an unaware girl who was standing and to take a photo. The photo is usually called 'standing upskirt' and is part of upskirt voyeurism. The standing upskirt photo must at least show parts of her panty, her ass cheeks or her crotch. if it doesn't, it is a candid legs photo and not an upskirt photo. Standing upskirt photos usually do not show the face of the women due to the angle and position of the camera pointing up. Upskirters often carry a second camera and do an additional frontal photo of the woman and then publish both photos together.

There are basically two different kind of techniques:


Standing Upskirts with Special Camera Equipment

The upskirter hides his camera at the lowest level possible pointing the camera up. The most common scenarios are minicameras in a shoe (a so-called shoecam) or cameras hidden in a bag. The voyeur now places his shoe or his bag very close to (or sometimes even between) the legs of the candid women. He might be using a permanent recording camera (videocam) or trigger the photos by a remote control. The result depend very much on the light conditions under her skirt. With this type of covert cameras upskirt experts are able to shoot under any type of skirts including long skirts. On the other side the resolution of shoe cameras is not vey good and 640x480 pics are quite common.

Voyeurcloud considers covert equipment invasion of privacy and does no longer publish upskirts which were shot with hidden cameras. The photos below are from the first days of VW.

Standing Upskirt Photos shot with covert cameras

Standing Upskirts without Special Camera Equipment

Upskirt voyeurs who do no use covert cameras are limited in their options. They mainly go for candid women who wear short dresses or mini skirts either on the street or at clubs. They also look for locations, where the unaware girl is elevated towards the voyeur, which makes it easy to point a camera or cell phone under her skirt. This leads to following common types of standing upskirts: Stairway upskirts, escalator upskirts and club upskirts. Also street voyeurs target location where girls wearing short skirts are likely bend over to grab something from their bag or to stow a bag, for example in front of stores or at parking lots.

Regular Standing Upskirt Photos

Standing Upskirts on special Floors

The two types of special floors which makes it very easy to upskirt girls are:

  • Transparent floors: The upskirter only needs to move beneath the transparent floor and shoot from there.
  • Reflective (mirroring) floors: Reflective floors can be found at hotels, malls, shows and clubs. The upskirter needs to figure out the best photo angle and then simply wait for a girl wearing a skirt passing by.

Upskirts on Special Floors Photos

An up skirt shot on mirroring floor

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