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The glass shown in the article is called a flute. The original champagne glass was said to be modeled after Marie Antoinette's breast shape as shown here.

Champagne glass

The confusion comes after the redesign to minimize the surface area of the bubbly wine. Both glasses are widely used today. The flute in more sophisticated situations, and the traditional one in formal occasions, like weddings.

If the article is to be corrected, other images will need to be presented for this entry, but I do not know what to call the existing breast shapes - Fluted? naw.

After some more research it seems that the torpedo tits refer to the old styled torpedos and champagne glass tits also refer to old style champagne glasses. that means the what we show under torpedo tits are champagne tits and what we show under champagne tits are torpedo tits. Do u agree?

- igor

When I hear torpedo tits, I'm assuming large, firm breasts. When I hear champagne tits, I think small, rounded breasts. Perhaps in reality, the same shape, just different sizes. Champagne tits ought to fit inside a older champagne glass. Torpedo tits would be anything in excess? Let's give that a try, and since it is wiki, we can change as more Breasts connoisseurs add their inputs. --FAQ 13:33, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

..which means we would have no term for the titties we currently show under champagne glass tits. That would be bad, because I really like that design. Well.let's wait for more input on this subject then.

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