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Tits oops: Showing her tits in public without her intension to do so. Can be caused by malfunction of her clothes, especially her top or bikini top, leading to a good voyeuristic view or photo of her tits as well as by changing at locations which were thought to be private but are not. The moment of her tits becoming visible to public is called tits oops situation.
Tits oops are common to happen:

  • At beaches and Pools: Especially at the end of the swimming season, bikini tops tend to be more lose (see also loose bikini tops. Tits oops occur most often when she leaves the water or while playing in the surf. This type of tits oops is independent of any breast size and depends on the design of her bikini top as well as on the forces on her bikini.
  • When she goes braless.

A tits oops is often confused with a downblouse. The difference of a downblouse and a nipple slip: During a downblouse her tits are still covered by top and only visible from a special unintended viewing angle or gap between her top and her body, while during a tits oops her tits are not covered at all and it does not require any specific angle to see her at least one of her tits. If it mainly her nipple which is not covered, it is called nipple oops or nipple slip.
Tits oops should not be confused with sideboobs, which are done by intension!

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