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Sixty-nine is a sex position: A combination of her giving a Blow Job and him a cunnilingus simultaneously. Usually a foreplay-position. Does not allow for any eye-contact at all. Many report that an orgasm can hardly be achieved in this position because it is difficult to concentrate on giving oral stimulation while receiving it simultaneously. A sixty-nine can be performed with her or him on the top and also sideways. If performed by hetero partners, a 69er can be considered double penetration. Women usually prefer to be on the top or sideways in order to avoid a facefuck situation when things turn wild. Sixty-nine is a very common sex positions amongst lesbians and then called Lesbian 69er.

ES: Sesentaynueve: la combinación de ella haciendole una mamada mientras el le hace a ella un cunnilingus.
Es un elemento o juego preliminar. Aunque no permite el contacto visual y mucha gente acepta que no es facil conseguir un orgasmo mientras te concentras a realizar sexo oral.

Sixty-nine (69) Photos

Variations of the Sixty-nine Position

A special type of the 69er is the vertical 69. If more than 2 persons line up sixty-niners, it is called Daisy chain or chained sex.

Personal Recommendations

Johny Says - In the 69 position, with the woman on top, I have noticed that extreme orgams can be achieved by slowly running your hand over the womans buttocks whilst sucking and licking on her clitoris. Another good variant is to slowly stroke finger tips down between the buttocks and gently over the anus and surrounding area. A great degree of control can be achieved by pausing the licking and stroking at critical moments. I have found that a woman can be kept on the very edge of orgasm for quite some time (45 minutes being my personal record) before they are screaming to orgasm. WARNING - Undertaking this slow long build method can lead to a serious face pounding by a very desperate and wet vagina. A medical friend reckons this is because the clitoris has nerve ends extending all over this area and under conditions of sexual arousal they are sensitive to the slightest touch.

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