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Anal sex (in slang language also called "ass sex", "ass fuck", "ass fucking" ) in general means to stick a penis into her anus instead of her pussy. The slang term for this activitiy is assfuck. In a wider definition, entering a finger into her anus (see finger fuck) can also be considered anal sex. Anal sex can also include forcing foreign objects into an anus by another person or oneself - of either sex. The object can be a dildo, vibrator, butt plug. The number of dedicated anal sex toys is growing. Sticking a tongue into her anus is also a type of anal sex and called rim job. According to the number of photos illustrating anal sex activities, anal sex is becoming more popular during the last years. Due to the lack of pussy juice, anal sex requires lubrication.

Anal sex is a form of anal oriented sexual activity. Anal sex has become more popular during the last years. Many people find anal sex pleasurable, and some may reach orgasm through anal penetration — by stimulation of the prostate in men, indirect clitoral/G-Spot stimulation in women. However, many people find anal sex painful as well, sometimes extremely so, which may be primarily due to psychological factors in some cases. As with most forms of sexual interaction, anal sex participants risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Anal sex is considered a high-risk sexual practice because of the vulnerability of the anus and rectum. The anal and rectal tissues are delicate and do not provide natural lubrication, so they can easily tear and permit disease transmission, especially if lubricant is not used. Unprotected anal sex is considered the riskiest form of sexual intercourse, and therefore authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) issue recommendations for making anal sex safer.


Common Anal Sex Positions

Some common sex positions are feasible for anal sex and some are not really. The main reason is the different angle and location of the position of her anus. The most common anal sex positions are listed below.

WfI Style (or Doggy Style)

The most common position for anal sex is the WfI-style or doggy anal-sex position: She moves into a comfy WfI-position, which means she kneels on all fours and he approaches her from the rear. This is not a recommended beginner position, because he is the one who controls depth of insertion and speed. Also in this position she tends to tighten up her anus which is not helpful for enjoyable anal sex. While her position when going for WfI-style anal sex is clear, he might be kneeling behind her or standing behind her.

Extreme Missionary Position

She lies on her back and pulls up her legs as far as she can. He lies on top of her and inserts his penis into her anus. Also this position does not give her any control on depth of insertion and speed and is not recommended for beginners. See more under missionary anal-sex position.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

He lies flat on his back while she kneels on him facing his feet. This gives her 100% control of the anal sex, however due to the tension in her legs she will tend to involuntarily tighten her anus. See more under reverse cowgirl anal-sex position.

Spoon Position

Both partner lie sideways, she facing away from him and him facing her neck. This allows both partners control of depth and speed and she is able to "pull away" fast if required. This is a recommended beginners position. See more under spoon anal-sex position.

Standing Position

Anal sex while standing

He stands behind her and inserts his penis into her anus. It is quite common that she bends over in the standing anal-sex position.

Threesome Sandwich Position

The sandwich sex position requires one woman and two men. She lies on one of the men, who inserts his penis into her pussy, while the other man approaches her anus from behind. This is told to be the most pleasurable fun for anal experts because of the stimulation involves her clit, pussy and anus.

Anal Sex for Anal Virgins

How to try out anal sex? Start slow and do not start by inserting your penis into her ass. Instead use your fingers to massage and rub the rectum area. Once (and if) she feels comfy, you can try very slow penetration with your fingers. If she still feels comfy, you might try to insert your well lubricated penis slowly. Refrain from fast movements. Or even better: Lie on your back and give her full control by letting her ride your penis with her anus. Once she get more used to anal sex, she might or might not like to be fucked into her ass. Individual taste might vary.

Preparations and Precautions

Safe anal sex with lubrication and condom
  • Her anus does not produce any pussy juice. Lubrication of his penis or asshole lubrication is very important.
  • Anal sex is the number 1 transmitter of HIV. When having anal sex with other persons than your permanent partner you should always use condoms.
  • Also most women tend to produce gallons of pussy juice during anal sex, only very few women can actually receive an anal orgasm. Go for a situation/position where you or her or both of you can stimulate her clit during anal sex.
  • Her anus carries lots of bacteria. You should never switch from anal sex to pussy sex without changing your condom or without proper disinfection of your penis. Leave ATM to paid porn-stars.
  • Always disinfect your penis after anal sex: A normal shower is not enough to kill the bacteria you received from her anus.
  • To properly prepare you partner to Anal Sex, start performing oral sex to her. Suddenly, move you tongue to her anus an gently lick it. You can then return to her pussy and gently plug a finger in her anus. Take same time playing with one finger, then add a second one. Keep licking her pussy while playing with her ass, she will cum in a short time an then... her asshole will be ready for your penis!

Trends in Anal Sex

Voyeurcloud member sections receive many unstaged pictured anal sex photo contributions from its members. The following trends can be identified:

  • Popularity

Anal sex has become much more popular since 2003. Between 1998 and 2008 the number of photo contributions covering anal sex increased 14 times.

  • How to have Anal Sex

Not only that much more woman are enjoying anal sex, but also the way of how to enjoy anal sex changed: There is a clear trend that many woman prepare for anal sex by using butt plugs before "sex time" in order to widen their anus muscle as well as use vibrators on their clit during anal sex in order to enjoy double stimulation.

Videos and Photos about Anal Sex

Many photos and videos showing anal sex performed by real people can be found on VCity under Anal Sex Photo and Video Blog


IT: Sesso Anale, è quando un uomo introduce il suo pene nell'ano del suo partner sessuale (maschio o femmina).
Sesso anale, può avvenire anche con l'introduzione di oggetti nell'ano di sè stessi o del compagno sessuale, come per esempio un fallo manuale, un vibratore oppure un fallo anale.

ES: Sexo Anal, cuando un hombre introduce su pene en el ano de su compañero sexual (chico o chica).
También es la introducción de objetos en el ano de uno mismo o de un compañero sexual, como un consolador, vibrador, tapón anal.

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