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Anus is a more sophisticated word for your asshole and can be located centered between the lower ends of her ass cheeks as well as following her ass crack to the lower end. In this context, your asshole is not referring to your ex-significant other, but the orifice out which you poop, shit, excrement, go #2, or make a stinky... Somehow after all of that, the anus is still considered an erogenous zone. Your anus is often used in jokes to refer to the seventh planet from the sun in our solar system.

The female anus is a popular target of penises (see anal sex), finger fucking and gives home to butt plugs and anal beads as well. The anus can be sexually stimulated ( see anal stimulation) or play a role during masturbation (see anal masturbation). Her anus can also be the target of his tongue, which is called eating ass. All anuses have a lot of nerve endings. However whether the signals transferred from those nerves to the brain are interpreted as sexual pleasure or not varies from person to person. In other words: Some people like the stimulation of their anus and others simply don't.

The anus is opened and closed with a circular muscle, the sphincter, which can be trained to open wider than normal. Typical porn models train their circular ass muscle for hours everyday, which means some of the things you see on porn should not be tried at home, espcially when it comes to entering huge objects into the anus. A "normal" anus is always closed or trying to close or trying surround any object completely. A complete relaxation of the anus has to be trained and leads to a gaping anus, which means an anus which is not closed. Furthermore the anus does not produce any lubrication by itself, so external lubrication is always required when shoving things up her asshole. Furthermore it is highly to recommended to clean (sterilize) things after anal usage. Things which cannot be sterilized should not be inserted into her anus or covered with a condom, like for example a penis. If you enter your finger her anus, you should wash your hands under hot water using soap very thoroughly.

The only thing most females do in order to keep their anus in shape is to remove pubic hair from their anus regions. Some women douche their anus. Some women use a butt plug hours at a time, to train their sphincter. In order to look insider her anus you need to keep her ass open with a speculum. Women who never experienced any anal sex are called anal virgins.


Anus Anatomy Photo

The parts of an anus

Closeup on Female Anus

The nice looking anus of Terry from VCity

Further Anus Photos

Further Photos and Videos showing Anuses of real amateur women

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