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Definition of Ass

Ass is the rounded region of the human backside located between the upper part of the legs (called thighs) and the waist. Ass is is also called buns, butt or buttocks. The ass comes in different shapes. The ass consists of two cheeks separated by the ass crack plus a centered anus. You also might find two ass dimples above her cheeks. The ass is mainly made of muscles (called gluteus) and fat. The fat serves as a natural cushion. Asses are more or less covered by panties followed by another layer of clothes like pants or skirts. When exposed to cold temperature, the skin of her ass can develop goosebumps. Depending on her sun tanning habits, the skin of her ass might show tan lines. Some girls like putting their naked ass on public display. This activity is called "flashing ass" or flashing ass. if her ass is presented in a way, that parts of her pussy are clearly visible in between her ass cheeks, it is called ass with pussy peek. Sexy asses are subject to flashing by their owners.

Ass is often preceded with modifier words like:

  • Sexy
  • Perfect
  • What an...

Functions of the Ass

Ass Shapes

Asses have a natural shape but can also be shaped to some limits by tight clothes, like shaping panties or pants, e.g. jeans. Following ass shapes are common:

Her Ass in Fashion

Her ass cheeks on display

Quite many bikini models put more or less of the lower regions of her ass cheeks on display. On the other side, low waist pants put the upper regions of her ass cheeks on display. If you have seen the same girl wearing a bikini and wearing low waist jeans you have basically seen her entire ass.

See Through Fabrics

Another way to generate views on her ass is to wear see-through clothes usually combined with sexy panties.

Very Short Skirts

Very short miniskirts put the lower regions of her ass cheeks into focus depending on the angle of view.

Other Ass Attributes

Further Photos and Videos with Amateur Ladies showing their asses

Further photos and videos done by amateurs showing their asses can be found on VCity under Photo and Video posts tagged with Ass

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