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Definition of Ass Crack

The ass crack is the groove or crack between the buttocks that runs from just below the sacrum to the perineum, so named because it forms the visible border between the external rounded protrusions of the gluteus maximus muscles (also called cheeks). Other terms used for ass crack: buttcrack, bumcrack, anal cleft, arsecrack, asphalt, asscrack, carpenter's crack, coin slot, builder's bum, plumber's crack, credit card swiper.
The colored region is called ass crack
. Her ass crack is subject to asscrack voyeurism. Depending on how firm her butt cheeks are and how much the two cheeks are pressed together, her ass crack can also transform into ass cleavage.

Functions of the Ass Crack

  • The ass crack is the home of the anus.
  • The ass crack produces ass cleavage.
  • The ass crack can be used by intention to hide the back center line of panties as well as some panties move up the ass crack naturally (customarily an outcome of the formula [bodaciousness + tightness of lower garment + degree of physical activity]) , it is clinically termed "ride-up", as opposed to a "wedgie", which is usually attributed to a bullying or prankish second party. When the panties become caught in the ass crack in the process of removal post ride-up, as in posing for a VC sensual Contri, the term is, logically, "ride-down". Ass cracks are subject to asscrack voyeurism.
  • Men can insert their penis into her ass crack and move the penis forth and back. This activity is called butt crack sliding

Ass Crack Training

A nice and sexy ass crack can be achieved through physical activities, massage and ass crack auto-stimulation. Ass crack auto-stimulation is easy: Lie flat on your belly, put a vibrator between your ass cheeks and turn it's vibrations on to full power. Train for 20 minutes every day and after less than 3 months you will see that your ass crack has turned into a sexy card swiper. You now own something called a "tight ass". A more environmental friendly method not draining any batteries is to hold a wine glass with her ass cheeks. Every week, the amount of water poured into the glass should be raised until she is able to a hold a completely filled glass for at least 10 minutes.

Translations of Ass Crack

  • Spanish: raja del culo

Further Photos and Videos showing Ass Cracks

Further photos and videos done by amateurs showing ass cracks can be found on VCity under Photo and Video posts tagged with Ass Crack

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