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Asscrack voyeurism also known as buttcrack voyeurism is a type of voyeurism and performed by asscrack voyeurs focusing on documenting low waist pants in combination with no visible panties resulting in her ass crack and upper regions of her lower cheeks on public display. This is a new type of voyeurism, resulting from the low waist fashion trend. The typical equipment:

used at spots and locations where you typically expect this type of fashion and where women sit in a way, that you can see her rear - like for example on steps in parks.

This type of voyeurism requires that her ass crack is visible as much as possible and not covered by any thong or panty. If there is a visible thong beneath her low wasted pants it is called whale tail voyeurism or thong voyeurism.

Persons performing asscrack voyeurism are called asscrack voyeurs. Photographing plumbers bending over is a deviant fetish of disturbed asscrack voyeurs called Plumber's butt voyeurism. Fortunately, to date, no memory exists of any hairy plumber's butt contri.

Asscrack Voyeurism Photos

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