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Definition of Bald Pussy

Technique in which all pubic hair is removed from the pussy, including both the front and lips. Also known as Hollywood or 0.0 or full brazilian or bald beaver or hairless pussy. If the bald pussy is not maintained, it will convert into a trimmed pussy within less than 10 days. A bald pussy usually comes together with a bald anus.

How to achieve a Bald Pussy

A bald pussy requires to have a pubic hair removed. There are several methods:

Benefits of a Bald Pussy

A hairless bald pussy is perfect for eating pussy because no hair might enter the giving partners mouth. When touched with the fingers a bald pussy feels very smooth. Pussy pumps are more efficient on bald pussies. The ideal bald pussy does not have a single hair on it.

Bald Pussy Photos

History of Bald Pussy in Erotic Photography

Models in the 50's and 60's used to shave so they could get their photos published. Pubic hair was never shown and the process of manually retouching negatives to remove it was just too laborious. To get over that, models used to shave, but that created another problem - the model's pubis then showed, and that was also forbidden but good for health ;)..

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Further Bald Pussy Photos and Videos

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