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The balloon fetish is a sexual fetish: Some people become sexually aroused and get an erection when they see balloons touching the naked skin of a girl. A person with a balloon fetish is known as a looner.

The most common version of a balloon fetish involves balloon popping. This can be achieved in many ways. One common method is to squeeze or press it between two (or more) naked bodies (preferably female!) Another common variation incorporates a high heels fetish, where the shoe's heel is used to pop the balloon. Balloons may be blown up until they pop by the female, or even popped with a pin or other sharp instrument. Sitting on the balloons can also be used to pop them.

Related fetishes involve the use of inflatables (beach balls, etc), as well as a generic latex fetish, rather than just latex balloons.

To see if you have a balloon fetish, try these tests. You may have a balloon fetish (or you might just like naked ladies) if:

  • you feel some extraordinary sexual excitement when looking at these pics.
  • you like to rub balloons against your hair to build a static charge and then place the balloon on a naked woman.
  • you are turned on watching your naked wife or girlfriend pressing balloons between her body and the bodies of one or more other naked women.

Balloon Fetish Pics

Balloon Fetish
Balloon Fetish
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