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A banana is a very common cheap and natural dildo and masturbation toy. It is usually used to shove it into a wet and hungry pussy. Also bananas are widely used for masturbation some people eat bananas. The natural shape and size of a banana is perfect for female masturbation. When used for masturbation purposes, the sexual act is called banana masturbation.

A word of caution before inserting a banana into your pussy:

  • The banana should be washed thoroughly!
  • If you are afraid of radioactivity, you should place the banana into a condom because all banana skins are radioactive due the naturally occurring potassium which is absorbed by banana skins! The equivalent dose of a 10 minutes masturbation with a banana inside her pussy is 0.5 µsieverts! Condoms do not stop radiation. Do not use a condom in case of a nuclear blast. Condoms will collect tiny particles of the banana from falling off and otherwise be left inside your vagina.

Although banana planters were successful to comply to all specific wishes and desires regarding the size, shape and dimensions of bananas, so far none of them succeeded to add natural vibrations to bananas.

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