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The bathroom is a room which serves many functions which have to do with water. Most bathroom feature a shower and/or a hot tub or bath tub. The functions of a restroom might or might not be included in a bathroom.


Bathroom Activities

Taking a shower

Taking a shower in bathroom is common. The girl might be either naked or full or partially dressed. Taking a shower might involve shower masturbation, tits on glass, ass on glass and always the girl taking shower photo pose.

Girls take a bath in the tub

Using the tub is quite common in bathroom and has been documented gazillions of times as the standard pose girl in bath tub.

Classical view of a pretty woman having a bath (Helena)

Girls shave their pubic hair in the bathroom

Almost most girls shave their pubic hair, legs and armpits in the bathroom.

Girls masturbate in the bathroom

It is quite common for girls to masturbate in bathrooms. This can be either done in the tub (masturbation in hot tub) or under the shower (see shower masturbation) or on the floor.

Lonely pleasure in a bathroom

Girls dress and undress in the bathroom

It is quite common to change dress in a bathroom

Girls like to photographed in the bathroom

Many girls like to be photographed in the bathroom. The mirrors you usually find in a bathroom can be easily integrated into the photo set.

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