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Beach voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on photographing or videotaping sexy ladies on a beach, especially on a topless beach an is also called "caught on the beach". The photo equipment used are

  • very small cameras, or
  • zoom lenses.

Amazing beach tits, beach ass,beach pussy, nipple slips and other oops situations as well as serial tits or girls inspecting themselves are the preferred type of photos. Besides nudity beach voyeurs also try to document scenes showing erected nipples under bikini-tops or cameltoes or bikini cheeks. Of course person involved in sex are also on every beach hunters' wish list. Beach voyeurism photos document unposed natural beauty. Voyeurcloud features many beach voyeurism contributions as those are not considered invasion of privacy. Persons performing beach voyeurism are called beach voyeur.


Types of Beach Voyeurism

Beach voyeurism is a combination of many different types of voyeurism. There are so many voyeuristic options at a typical beach, that it is hard to focus on one voyeuristic subject only. In particular the following types have been identified:

Beach Tit Voyeurism

Beach tit voyeurism is a type of tit voyeurism focusing on spotting covered and topless tits on a beach. See main article Beach tit voyeurism.

Beach Tit Voyeur Photos

Beach Tanline Voyeurism

Beach tit voyeurism is a special type of voyeurism trying to photograph women with significant tan lines on the beach. See main article Beach tanline voyeurism.

Beach Tanline Voyeur Photos

Beach Hangers Voyeurism

Beach tit voyeurism is a special type of voyeurism trying to photograph women with hanging tits on the beach. See main article Beach hangers voyeurism.

Beach Hangers Voyeur Photos

Beach Nipple Voyeurism

Beach nipple voyeurism is a type of nipple voyeurism focusing on spotting voyeuristic subjects on a beach and includes spotting for nude nipples, nipples visible through transparent swimwear as well as poking nipples and oops situations involving her nipples.

Beach Nipple Voyeur Photos

Nude nipples, erected and wet nipples are often documented on topless beaches. But also bikini pokies are a main target of beach voyeurs. The photos result of a nipple beach voyeur are usually categorized as candid beach nipples.

Beach Ass Voyeurism

Beach ass voyeurism is a type of ass voyeurism focusing on spotting covered and nude beach asses. See main article Beach ass voyeurism.

Beach Cameltoe Voyeurism

Beach tit voyeurism is a type of cameltoe voyeurism focusing on spotting covered pussys on a beach which shape a cameltoe under her bikini-bottom called bikini cameltoe. If the woman is not aware of her cameltoe being documented, the photo of her cameltoe goes under candid beach cameltoe.

Beach Cameltoe Voyeur Photos

Beach Pussy Voyeurism

Beach pussy voyeurism is a type of pussy voyeurism focusing on spotting nude pussys on a beach and includes spotting for special types of pussy like bald pussy as well as sandy pussy or oops situations involving her pussy. These type of photos usually go under candid beach pussy and are mostly shot by the highly specialized type of nude beach voyeur.

Beach Pussy Voyeur Photos

Beach Bikini Voyeurism

Beach bikini voyeurism is a general type of beach voyeurism trying to document sexy bikinis as well as all kind of bikini peeks, like bikini cameltoes or see through bikinis or bikini bridges.

Beach Bikini Voyeur Photos

Changing on the Beach Voyeurism

Changing on the beach voyeurism focuses on women changing their clothes or bikini on the beach. Even if some women might believe that their changing skills are extremely fast and nobody can photograph them: They are wrong! The chances not to be photographed while changing on a public beach are less than 0.1% ! The reason is that beach voyeurs can very well forecast the moment of her changing her clothes and move into a well pre-estimated position to document her changing activity without her noticing at all. See also article Changing on the beach.

Changing on the Beach Voyeur Photos

More types of Beach Voyeurism

Other types of beach voyeurism include women putting sun lotion on their tits, women touching themselves, women inspecting for sand and many more.

Photos of more types of beach voyeurism

Further Photos and Videos

Further photos and videos showing real beach voyeurism can be found on VCity under Beach Voyeur Photo and Video Blog

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