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The bent over pose is a sexy photo pose and describes a standing woman who bents over forwards. The bent over pose emphasizes her legs and her ass. If shot with a nude woman, it also allows to see her pussy from behind. The bent over pose

  • allows her to hide her face easily without disturbing the impression of the photo
  • might be done nude or dressed
  • usually focuses on her ass
  • might or might not give a pussy from behind peek
  • can be used with her wearing high heels in order to let her legs appear longer
  • is usually photographed from behind
  • depending on the angle the photo might also show her hanging tits

The bent-over pose can also be described as standing doggy pose.

Besides posing bent over, any candid woman bending over might also be subject to voyeurism, or to achieve upskirt as well as to observe pussy from behind if the woman is naked, like for example at nude beaches.

Photos of women posing Bent Over

Further Photos and Videos showing Amateur Ladies posing Bent Over

Further photos and videos done by amateurs doing the bent over pose can be found on VCity under Photo and Video posts tagged with Bent Over

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