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Blindfolded means covering the eyes during sex. Blindfolds can be considered a very mild type of bondage device. This allows for:

  • Surprising the blindfolded person with unexpected sex variations.
  • The blindfolded person to dream about other persons than the one actually having sex with him or her. (Sexual fantasy).
  • The person not blindfolded to feel dominant.
  • The blindfolded person to feel submissive.
  • To make it unclear with who the blindfolded person has sex, like for example during the Blindfolded Blowjob or a blindfolded facefuck.
  • To go for blindfolded masturbation

Blindfolds are often used during bondage or soft bondage and for the blindfolded Wfi.

A special fetish relating to blindfolding is amaurophilia, where one partner experiences sexual arousal when the other partner is blindfolded.

Sometimes blindfolds are used in combination with gags.

Common thing she does while being blindfolded:

See also: * Blindfold fetish

Photos of Blindfolded Girls

Example: A blindfolded girl in the bedroom
Blindfolded Bettina in black lingerie
Example: A blindfolded girl bound
Example: Another blindfolded girl bound and waiting in bed

More photos of blindfolded women

Further photos and videos done by amateurs showing blindfolded women can be found in VCity under Blog Posts tagged with Blindfolded

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