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Blonde - Referring to a hair color that is light, often a yellowish hue. Colors range from "dirty blonde" to "strawberry blonde" to "towhead". Hair color on the head does not always match pubic hair color ("curtains don't match the carpet"). Sometimes indicating artificial hair coloring on the head, but not always. Only blondes can own a blonde bush. They are also called true blondes.

A Blonde.

Blondes often have blue eyes and fairer skin.

Rumor has it that blondes have more fun :0)

Blonde is considered the feminine spelling of blond; however, as with most rules of English, it does not matter - the spelling that is.

Problem is the word is French, not English. French has gender, English does not. Therefore in French blond = male, blonde = female. How to render that into English depends on who is doing it and what the aims are. Rigorously applied, the gender would be stripped and everyone with fair hair would be blond, whether male or female.

That would be boring and I am with FAQ, blondes can keep their e and have more fun than blonds; men are supposed to be tall, DARK and handsome after all! ... or short fat and pink.

For unknown reason, blondes are the number one target when it comes to marking territory.

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Further photos and videos done by amateurs and voyeurs showing blondes can be found in VCity under Blog Posts tagged with Blonde

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