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Blow job is an oral sexual activity that involves a mouth, tongue, lips, and sometimes throat to stimulate a male penis. The term 'blow job' is misleading - the equivalent term ‘sucking dick‘ describes this activity much better. Usually incorporating a lot of licking, sucking, nibbling, teasing, sometimes blowing, but always extremely pleasurable.
Becky giving Igor a Blowjob - everything is fine here!
Extras can include eye-contact, sucking his balls, balls fondling, perineum stroking, and sometimes a little bit of finger in the ass plus of course she can masturbate while delivering the blow job. Blow jobs quite often follow a hand job. Blowjobs are also called giving head. Blowjobs are one of the favorite documented subjects at Voyeurcloud: More than 50,000 blowjobs have been pictured and published.
Closeup study of a perfectly fine delivered Blowjob with her tongue out

Things you should not do when getting a blow job:

  1. Pushing her head up and down with your hands is mostly not appreciated.
  2. Parking a remote control or a beer can on her head while she gives you a blow job is a sign of disrespect.

Things she might do while delivering a blow job:

  1. Stick her tongue out of her mouth under his penis
  2. Press her lips tight together while his penis is in her mouth
  3. Use her tongue on the tip on the tip of his penis when his cock enters her mouth


Blowjobs In Detail

Blowjob Positions

Blowjob positions are described by her body position while delivering the blowjob, not by his body position!

Blowjob Timing

A blow job might be combined with other sex activities at the same time or before or after, or as well be an isolated sex activity until he ejaculates. Following variations are common:

Blowjob Locations

Blowjob Variations

Aftermath of a Blowjob

Depending on the target of ejaculation the aftermath of a BJ is likely to be a cum nose, cum face, cum mouth or cum top.

a cum top as the aftermath of a BJ

Basic Instructions for a happy Blow Job

  • There is no specific dress code for a blowjob. She can be naked, fully dressed, wearing only high heels or panties.
  • Start by teasing his penis lightly.
  • Switch to more and more intense sucking later on. Create a vacuum by pursing your lips, use your lips them to surround his penis, apply some little pressure with your lips.
  • Thrust your mouth down over his penis while you suck.
  • Stroke gently with your hands while sucking.
  • You can twist your hand as you move up and down on the shaft.
  • You can switch hands occasionally for variation or use both hands while giving the blow job.
  • Prepare yourself for his ejaculation. Do not stop at the moment he ejaculates his jizz. Continue for 19 seconds after the last drop of his cum was pumped out.
  • Treating yourself with light (one handed) masturbation while giving the blowjob will increase both your fun and his fun.
  • If you switch hands occasionally for variation (or use both hands while giving the blow job) you could spit in between some saliva to let your hands slide better without annoying friction (Instead of spit saliva, you could use a little of body oil)

Trends in Blow Jobs

VoyeurClouds' receives hundreds of unstaged pictured blowjob photo contributions from its members. The following trends can be identified:

  • Trends about the When and Where

While in the 90's the documented blowjobs were mostly part of the sexual foreplay and performed in bed, there is a clear trend that blowjobs are performed any place and any time and are no longer only part of the foreplay but go until his ejaculation.

  • Trends regarding the BJ Activity

Due to the trend of Blowjobs becoming a self-contained activity (and not only a part of the foreplay]], women increasingly add masturbation to the blowjob activity and try to time their self-triggered orgasm with his ejaculation. She uses her hands as well as sex toys on herself while giving head.

  • Trends regarding Blowjob Partners

It has become much more common for women to give other men a blowjob. An increasing number of photo contributions at Voyeurcloud document blowjobs given to friends or even to strangers at a party night.

  • Trends regarding Blowjob Specifics

An increasing number of blowjobs variations can be noticed: Giving a blowjob while blindfolded, giving a blowjob with tied legs, while tied to a chair etc. Also this is caused by the fact that blow jobs turned into a self-containing sex activity.

  • Trends about documenting the Blowjob

It is more and more common to make photos of the wife while delivering a blow job and to distribute those on the internet as wife blowjob photos.

Further Photos and Videos showing Blowjobs

Further photos and videos done by real people showing blow jobs can be found on VCity under Blowjob Photo and Video Blog

A blowjob is best performed by girls who own socalled blowjob lips.The aftermath of a Blowjob is often a Facial, Cum face, a cum mouth or simply to swallow his cum.

The most frequent accident during a blow job is the 'eye shot'.
Another blowjob mistake: He should not pull her head! If he does, it is not a blowjob but a mouthfuck

ES: Mamada
Actividad sexual que se basa en introducir el pene en la boca, y jugar con los labios y lengua para acariciar y estimular la polla. A los hombres ademas les gusta q les acaricien la verga con las manos, que jueguen con sus cojones, que le acaricien el escroto y el perineo, que se la metan en la boca bien a fondo, y ocasionalmente ellas les introduzcan la punta de algun dedo en el ano de el. Lo que mas se aprecia es la variedad de acciones: chupar, lamer, succionar, soplar, salivar, y vuelta a empezar. Aunque el resto de elementos (verle las tetas a ella, o ver como tambien ella se masturba) todo da un punto al juego sexual. El resultado final de una mamada (nunca dejeis de hacer la mamada aunque el se corra) puede ser una corrida facial, boca cremosa o simplemente que te la tragues todo su leche.

IT: Pompino (o Bocchino)
Variante sessuale che consiste nell'introdurre il pene nella bocca del/della partner e giocare con le labbra o la lingua per stimolare ed eccitare il pene.
Ci si può aiutare con le mani per accarezzare la "verga", mentre si ha il pene in bocca, per aumentare le sensazioni piacevoli, stimolando anche i testicoli.
Bisogna assolutamente evitare il contatto fra i denti ed il pene onde creare spiacevoli e fastidiose sensazioni dolorose.
Si può introdurre tutto o in parte in bocca, o solamente la punta: in questo ultimo caso, si deve usare la lingua, dolcemente, per stimolare tutta la parte terminale del pene, con particolare riguardo al "filetto", che è un ricettacolo di sensazioni molto piacevoli.
Meglio se, prima di introdurlo in bocca, viene usata abbondantemente la saliva per "simulare" l'interno della vagina umida.
A seconda dei/delle partner, l'orgasmo lo si può finalizzare direttamente in bocca, la cosiddetta bocca cremosa (ed anche deglutire da cui il termine pompino con ingoio) oppure lo si estrae un attimo prima per ottenere una "venuta" in faccia dello sperma.

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