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The bondage spreadeagle is a common bondage position in which the woman has her arms and legs outstretched into a rough X-shape. The spreadeagle position is fairly simply and easy to apply, and can be easily maintained for more than an hour as long as the tie is not too tight. The bondage spread eagle is a type of sex while bondaged.

A normal horizontal spreadeagle usually involves the submissive's arms and legs being tied to a secure frame, such as the corner-posts of a bed. This position will leave the captive very exposed, and grants the dominant full access to tickle, tease, or stimulate her sensitive areas. It is common to include blindfolds and gags to compliment a bondage spreadeagle.

The complete helplessness and exposure of the submissive in this position allows the dominant complete freedom to tease or stimulate any of her exposed body. Tickle torture, orgasm control, and forced orgasms are popular forms of play to accompany this position, where the submissive's legs are securely held appart and she can be sexually stimulated at the will of the dominant.

More restrictive spreadeagle ties involve additional restrains around the arms, legs, a midsection of the bound subject. In most cases this consists of additional restraints above the knees, but for maximum immobility, more than three straps are sometimes used on each limb, although this tends to require specialised equipment. Placing straps above and below the submissive's breasts and around her waist can help to prevent her chest and back from moving.

Because of the nature of the spreadeagle tie, it is almost impossible to undress the submissive once she is tied up without damaging or destroying her clothing, as pants and underwear cannot be lowered very far while her legs are spread. It is usually more practical to have her stripped in advance, at least from the waist down. Spreader bar are common when applying this time of bondage position.

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Bondage spread eagle
Bondage spread eagle
A typical Bondage sex
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