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Boobs is a term often used by people when referring to tits. Boob(s) do not imply any specific breast size, breast shape or other attribute.

ES: Termino vulgar que usa la gente para referirse a los Pechos. Este termino no se restringe a un tamaño, color, proporción o forma específica. Los pechos sirven para dar de mamar a los bebes, para lucir escote, y sexualmente para batir el pene en una masturbación llamada "Cubana.".

Usage Examples

"Why do you stare at me, honey? Is there something wrong with my boobs?"
"I had my boobs done" (Translation: I have had a breast enlargement)

The term 'boobies' is a variation of boobs.

ES: Variaciones de la palabra podrian ser: mamas, melones, peras, domingas, delantera, tetillas, tetonas, cantaros, carretas, pechitos, etc...

Further reading about boobs can be found under: Tits.

Samples: All these tits can be called boobs:

Further Reading

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