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Boots fetish is sexual fetish and a dedicated form type of shoe fetish with a very strong focus on boots . If the shoe fetish is focused on shoes in general it is called Altocalciphilia. The mildest form of the boots fetish is to visually watch women wearing boots, followed by talking pictures of boots and women wearing boots followed by a higher sexual arousal when having sex with women wearing boots and the extreme forms are:

  • collecting pictures of girl wearing boots
  • males buying/collecting boots
  • asking your wife to wear beds in bed. e.g. during sex
  • licking her boots
  • rubbing your penis in between her boots
  • masturbating into the shoe

The first indicator of any form of boot fetishism is to pay active attention to any woman wearing boots within visual range. Persons having a boot fetish might have a very dedicated flavor based on

  • The style of the boots: Ankle-length, knee-high or thigh high boots
  • The type of heels: Flat, medium or high heels boots
  • The type of material: Rubber, latex or leather, e.g. shiny leather

The most common boot fetish targets high heeled boots which cover most parts of her thighs and are called thigh high boots. (This type of boots is also called Fuck-me boots.) Thigh high boots are often worn together with stockings in order to even increase the trigger effect.

Boots Fetish Pics

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