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Bouncing tits describe the movement of her tits which do not follow the movement of the rest of her body.
Bouncing tits: Common movements

The movement might be horizontal, vertical, circular or any combination and is a result of acceleration forces applied to her body or produced by her body. Bouncing tits do not necessarily imply that her tits collide with her chest. The frequency, angle and path of the bouncing tits depends on the force applied to her tits, the weight and size of her tits as well as the firmness of her tits. Bouncing tits can be avoided to a certain degree by the usage of bras. Bouncing tits are the subject of tit voyeurism.

Types of Bouncing Tits

The two basic types of bouncings tits are

  • Bouncing tits caused by external force
  • Self-generated bouncing tits

Bouncing Tits caused by external force

There are many occasions where bouncing tits caused by external force can be observed. The most common situations:

Her body is moved forth and back by him, which makes her tits follow the same movement with a short delay, thus leading her tits to bounce forth and back. The bouncing of her tits in this position is optimized due to the fact that her tits are hanging down loosely and usually not protected by a bra during sex.

  • Bouncing tits while bull riding

The acceleration forces of the mechanical bull are tremendous and produce the maximum effect of multi-dimensional bouncing tits!

  • Bouncing tits while biking

Biking on rough roads as well as cross country biking leads to vertically bouncing tit.

  • Bouncing tits at topless bungee jumping

Topless bungee jumping leads to beautifully bouncing tits presented at slow motion whenever the direction of her movement is reverted.

Self-generated bouncing tits

  • Bouncing tits during sport

Quite many sports disciplines lead to bouncing tits. The most prominent sport is beach volleyball.

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