Bound mouthfuck

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The bound mouthfuck is the extreme version of a mouthfuck and not a real blow job. The woman is being bondaged in way that at least her hands are tied. The most common type of bound mouthfuck is performed on girls with their hands tied behind the back. The man now hold the hand of the woman with one or two of his hands and moves her head force and back on his cock. Being tied the woman has no other choice than to let him move her head forth and back at any speed he wants as well as to let him decide how deep his penis enters her mouth. The difference between a bound mouthfuck and the neighboring facefuck is, that he moves her head back and forth, while during a facefuck her head does not move but his penis moves in and out of her mouth

Bound Mouthfuck Photos

Women being mouthfucked while bound
"hottie" being mouthfucked while bound

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