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A "BoxShot" is a photograph or snapshot taken in which the primary subject is a woman's pussy or "box".  Boxshots are often quite explicit, as the tender, pink flesh between the pussy lips is generally the most photogenic, with adjectives such as "moist", "glistening" or "swollen" being appropriate.  One of the best types of boxshots, also known as a creampie, has as its subject a pussy which has been freshly fucked, and is oozing cum.

The rules of this Wiki prevent including a proper example of a boxshot, but browse the contri at Voyeurcloud, and you should find many fine examples!

The origin of this word is from the latin "Boxus", meaning spread, and "Shotus", meaning thighs. See also: cunt, labia, wet, pussy juice.

An example of a non-explicit boxshot
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